Rental Plans - Australia

Satellite Phone Rental Plans for use within Australia.

Fastwave Iridium Satellite Phone Rental Charges

Rental of a Motorola – Iridium Satellite phone includes:

  • The satellite phone handset (Motorola 9505A/9555 or 9575* depending on availability)
  • Vehicle charger
  • AC charger
  • Leather case
  • Carry bag

Other items, which can also be rented, include:

  • Spare Battery (additional $2.00 + GST per day)
  • Data kit for email delivery on laptop computer (additional $3.00 + GST per day)
  • External Magnetic Mount Antenna (additional $2.00 + GST per day)
  • International Plug Sets are available at no charge, but must be requested prior to pickup.


Charges per Day

Period of Rental

Daily Charge

1 to 14 days

$19.00 + GST

15 to 28 days *

$17.00 + GST

29 to 89 days *

$15.00 + GST

90 days upwards *

$13.00 + GST


Call Charges from Fastwave Iridium Phone

Call Made To

Cost per Minute

Australian landline or mobile

$3.00 + GST

Another Fastwave Iridium Phone

$1.50 + GST

International landline or mobile

$3.00 + GST

Router Calls

$3.00 + GST

Other Satellite Network

$15.00 + GST

Voice Mail Checks

$3.00 + GST

SMS Message

$1.00 + GST


Text messages from Fastwave website to Iridium Phone

Message from:

(limit of 160 characters)



Please Note

  • There are no charges to the hirer for incoming calls to the Fastwave satellite phone.
  • Callers calling to the satellite phone will be charged by their telephone service provider.
  • Daily Charge level is decided by total number of days charged, not on a sliding scale. (eg. A rental for 32 days is charged at $15 + GST for all 32 days.)
  • Hire period starts from the day it leaves our office and ceases on return to our office.
  • Platinum Express Post is available for delivery and return of phones at additional cost.
  • 9575 excluding tracking (price on application)


Terms and Conditions

  • Payment for the phone rental period and $200 deposit is required in advance, at time of collection.
  • Call charges are payable upon return of phone.
  • Payment is by credit card only.


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