Fastwave Iridium Satellite Prepaid Call Plans - International

Our current prices (USD) as of May 2018 for Iridium Prepaid airtime.

Fastwave Iridium Satellite Prepaid Call Plans: International


Fastwave plans for phones whose usage will be internationally based. We also offer an Australian plan for users likely to utilise Iridium services from inside Australia. Please see Australian Plans for call rates.

All prices in USD including GST.


Prepaid 100

Valid 6 months

Prepaid 200

Valid 12 months

PrePaid SIM Card



Prepaid International Calls - $ per minute

  • Prepaid 100 - 100 min of calls @ $3.20/min, valid for 6 months
  • Prepaid 200 - 200 min of calls @ $3.05/min, valid for 12 months

Voice or Data calls from an Iridium phone to any global landline or cellular network number.

(Voice calls & Direct Dial Data @ 2.4 Kbps)



Prepaid Iridium to Iridium Calls - $ per minute

For all voice & data calls from an Iridium phone to another Iridium phone.



Prepaid SMS/Text Message Service - Each

SMS from Iridium phone to another Iridium phone or email address (160 character limit).



Web based text message to Iridium phone via



Flag fall/Connection Fee

Fastwave has no flag fall or connection fee.



Voicemail & Call Forwarding - $ per minute



Incoming Call Charges

There are no charges for receiving a call on an Iridium satellite phone.



Prepaid Iridium to other satellite systems



Inbound router calls



RUDICS Data Calls - Please contact Fastwave for more information



Terms and Conditions

  • Prices subject to change without notice
  • PrePaid 100 is a 6 month duration (100 Minutes)
  • PrePaid 200 is a 12 month duration (200 Minutes)
  • Plan switches can only be made to higher plans

Prepaid Plan Notes

  • Available with minimum 100 minutes of prepaid calls ($320.00), or in greater amounts
  • Minimum prepaid top-up of 100 minutes applies
  • No monthly fees
  • No minimum monthly usage
  • Billing records available for additional $5 per month
  • Plan must be kept in credit to retain network access
  • Prepaid minutes valid for 6 months (100 Min) or 12 months (200 Min)
  • Unused credit cannot be accrued or rolled over
  • Call to +61 8 6460 7077 to check remaining credit

Fastwave reserves the right to change prices at any time without notice.


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