Safety for Outback Travel and Adventures

With easy access to satellite communications for the public there is no reason to find yourself stuck with no help.

SOURCE:  Push for remote-area phones (

Recently there was an article relating to a worker who lost his life walking to search for help after his vehicle became bogged in outback Western Australia.  An incident such as this is avoidable in a few ways:

  • EPIRB Device
  • Personnel Tracker
  • Satellite Phone

Outback Australia is a tough, brutal and unforgiving environment.  There are many unsealed, sparsely utilised through roads that can catch out the unsuspecting or even experienced traveler when something goes wrong.  A tyre blowout or getting your vehicle bogged could be the beginning of a serious incident.  With access to a personnel tracker or a satellite phone its easy to get yourself help by calling emergency departments or pushing a panic alert.  If you are heading out to the outback, whether its for business or just an outback adventure, its worth the piece of mind to hire a satellite phone.  We offer both short term and long term rental options, or purchase a satellite phone outright and take advantage of a plan that suits your needs.  

We can also deliver rental phones via courier if you are not based in Perth.

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